Project Architect:
Roth Sheppard

Custom Build
We love the business of building beautiful homes and take great pride in producing the highest-of-quality finished products. This home is no exception. Fronted by an ever flowing creek, luscious meadow, and the stretch of the front range, this understated home is based on the simplicity of a New England barn.
All the pieces of this house came together just wonderfully. It was a builder’s dream, filled with creative details such as a cupboard bed, special handrail, and window seats that give a sense of comfort and quaintness.
A keen understanding of materials and their technical limitations is vital in the building industry. We applied our expertise to the wooden beams and flooring as well as the stonework used throughout the house. The owners wanted a rustic look with wide plank flooring which shrinks as time goes by. We came up with a creative solution to the inevitable gapping. The plank edges were stained a deep color and sanded for a ‘worn’ look. Now as the house ages, the flooring is indeed gapping and is completely in keeping with the owners’ vision. Knowing our materials well and applying creative solutions, we were able produce an enduring quality product.
Our team loved transforming this unique, creative design into what the owners desired–a homethat melds the memories of a New England youth with a current Colorado life style.