Project Architect:
Stephen Dynia Architects

Custom Build
Don’t let the stunning simplicity of this home fool you! Bringing this compact, gorgeous house from concept to reality offered our team a unique set of building challenges.¬†Our clients had a superb architectural design based on simple lines, minimal detail, and lots of windows. They also had an optimistic budget.
Minimalism requires lack of tolerance. Our employees, all craftsmen of varying abilities, spent extra time and attention on precision workmanship. This simplicity comes at a cost as there is little opportunity to use conventional tolerance techniques such as casings and baseboards. Mistakes mean wasted time, materials, and money. Knowing this, our team welcomed and met this challenge of their expertise and skill.
The stunning array of windows was no easy thing. Integrating a wall of windows with roof loads into the building structure required problem solving to minimize financial impact. Our Project Manager was able to guide the Rosewood team through the construction process, making on-the-spot decisions to meet our client’s monetary goals.
Our environmentally conscious clients requested preservation of the work site, ranging from not damaging the actual grounds around the home with trucks and machinery to relocating rocks and plants found on the property. Keeping this in mind, we constructed a long, well-situated road that minimally impacted the landscape.
We worked closely with our clients to understand their priorities, architectural design, and budget to help them realize their not-so-simple home.