Project Architect:
George Watt Architecture

Custom Build
This bright airy house showcases an exciting contemporary design.  A collaboration between George Watt Architecture, the owner Laura Gunderson Interiors, and Rosewood Construction resulted in a finely crafted urban home.
A state-of-the-art geothermal system was used to minimize the energy consumption of the house, along with spray foam insulation, calking-sealing package, and a well-designed air handling system.
Tight tolerances required extraordinary precision on our part producing a superbly clean-lined look.  Exact attention was paid to translating ‘hard’ materials (stone, metal, concrete, glass, tile) into an artistic look and feel. As a personal feature, we milled old timber gifted by her father, that added a rich warmth via the flooring.
This 5,000 square foot house is positioned on a small lot challenging the height and shadow ordinances of the neighborhood. The large number of windows allows an interplay of light with the structural elements. Once again, we helped problem solve these and other issues before they became problems by working daily with our client and the architect. A clear understanding of  local building codes and ordinances played a huge role in the success of the project.
Determining final finish materials on-the-fly required a flexible building mindset and openness to change. We were able to give our clients exactly what they wanted: a modern work of art.