Project Architect:
Mosaic Architecture

Custom Build
“If a home is perfectly usable but it lacks elegant and appropriate design, it will fail to satisfy.” Rosewood excels at executing well-designed homes. This upscale home overlooking Boulder Valley has a simply gorgeous inside-outside living space. A focal point of the house is an outdoor room featuring a strategically placed swing that provides optimal views of the Flatirons.
We worked very closely with Mosaic Architecture, who were very involved throughout the project. The firm and our clients had a clear vision of what they wanted. Our building team appreciated the look and feel of the architecture and precisely executed the beauty of this home. Creating smooth transitions between varying materials contributed to its elegance.
Bringing this vision to reality required up-front value engineering. Every aspect of the house from building costs to all material costs had to be carefully considered to complete this expensive home at or below budget. We educated our clients helping them understand the building process and material costs. We had to be creative in locating cost-effective yet high-end materials.  This work ensured they had an accurate financial estimate of the home prior to building.
Sitting on his swing, the owner delights in the high quality environment created for him that is precisely perfect for its stunning location.